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Simple Designs Which Make Gold Bangles A Hit!

Gold bangles have been the most basic and powerful investments for Indian households. It has been a part of heritage and culture in India and continues to be so even after the evolvement of so much fashion and culture.

The gold bangles have a unique appeal which has lasted with the test of time. The design of gold bangles has evolved making it suit the needs of women from all parts of the world. Here are some variants which might intrigue you to make a buy!

Grooved gold bangles

This is the trendiest design this season. The yellow gold, rose gold and white gold variants are offered to the customers to choose a rather thin and grooved gold bangle design. There is not much to it. Just a rugged design that makes minimalism a hit! This design is quite popular amongst the working women. As the designs are easy for a day wear and suit perfectly for simple evenings too, they continue to be a major hit this season!

Floral motifs

From machine cut, laser cut to filigree work the variants are many to the floral motifs of bangles. As the leaves, flower petals and series of flowery design are an inspiration – women love to wear it with other bangles. These work for almost any outfit and are available in the purest of gold. You can get it customized as per your need of gold, size and design.

Plain gold bangles

The modern day women prefer a rather simple design when it comes to gold bangles. And it is not just the women but men too look at the plain gold bangles as an investment. The fact that these have absolutely no design but just a craft – they make an appeal. These can be your everyday wear and bring an entirely new impression from your personality. These have been another trendy bangle to buy this season.

Traditional gold bangles

Bangles have a symbol of marriage traditionally. Therefore a lot of art is instilled into them traditionally to make it appealing. There are variants like Pacheli from Rajasthan, Pichodi from Maharashtra, Churi from Punjab, Shakha from Bengal, Kangan in the northern India and other forms of Kada with regional art depiction in them. These are both inspiring and exclusive.

When you are set to buy bangles, trendy or traditional, make sure you purchase it from reliable gold sellers. The purer the gold the less flexibility of design is offered!

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