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How to Find a Perfect Homecoming Dress According to Your Body Type?

Not every homecoming dress suits every body type, so you should begin your hunt by first assessing your body shape. So, feel free to proceed reading the list of several body types and homecoming dresses that will fit you perfectly.

  1. Apple shape

Apple body shape looks like a torso which is shaped like an apple, the person has a larger chest, slimmer hips, broad shoulders, and wider mid-section. For the girls with apple shape choose a dress that helps in skimming the body, elongates the torso, and shows off your legs. Choose a dress that has a V-neck or empire-line neckline to make your body look elongated and to deviate from the natural waist lines. Also put on a belt on your waist. Empire dresses help in concealing or slimming the mid-section. You can also choose a frock with a shorter hemline to show off the legs and detract from the midsection. Also, do not forget to accessorize your homecoming dress.

  1. Pear shape

Pear body shape looks like a pear-shaped torso, the person has a smaller upper body that elongates further into a larger lower body. Choose a dress that detracts attention from the hips and thighs and shows off your shoulders, the elongated torso, and the flat tummy. Go for a strapless homecoming dress with ruffles on top to show off your slender arms and shape up the upper body. A-line styles are also good for pear-shaped bodies.

  1. Hourglass shape

Hourglass shaped bodies have a torso with a slim mid-section and similarly proportioned upper and lower body width. Choose a homecoming dress that shows off and balances the weight of the curves without hiding away the body shape. Wrap and fitted dresses are the best choices for this body type, they should be made of light-weight fabrics that make the torso skim flatteringly.

  1. Rectangle shape

A rectangle shaped body have waist, hips, and shoulders of similar widths with a slim torso, stomach and smaller chest. For girls with rectangle shaped body, they can wear a variety of different styles to show off their legs and arms. Wear any dress like gowns and ruffles and details in the chest area, layers and rucking or cinching on the sides that show off your curves. Sweetheart-topped homecoming dresses an ideal choice as it accentuates curves to the chest and does not add extra weight to the tummy region.

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