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Benefits of Using Pop Up Sockets for Your Phone 

You will find pop up sockets at the back of your phone. You attach them to make it easier for you to use your phone. For people who are always on the go, it is crucial to have this phone accessory. These are the other benefits you will receive when using it.

Media stand

You can use the accessory when taking selfies and group photos. If you want to place the phone on a table while you hit the timer, it is also possible. Apart from taking pictures, you can use the accessory to watch videos on your phone without holding it.

Secure grip when doing outdoor activities

When you are doing an outdoor physical activity, it could be somewhat challenging. Imagine calling someone on your phone while running. With this accessory, you can now have a better grip of your phone while you run. You can also use it when you go hiking or biking.

Making video calls

When someone is calling you, and you need to turn the video on, it could stop you from doing anything else. You have no choice but to hold the phone while talking. With the pop-up socket, you can now attach the phone to your laptop so you can video call another person but still keep working. You can also latch it onto another object while cooking

Avoid wet surfaces

When you do not have a waterproof phone, you will have issues with wet surfaces. You cannot put it down when the table is wet. With the help of the accessory, it is now easy for you to avoid the damp surface. Even when you place the phone flat on the table, it is okay. The pop-up socket is waterproof anyway so it will not be a problem.

Turn the phone into a game controller

You can attach two pop up sockets on your phone, and you can turn it into an instant video game controller. You will not have a problem while playing as you take the bus or train. You will also prevent your hands from getting too tired from gripping your phone since the accessory can help ease the pain.

Release your stress

If you are familiar with a stress ball, you know that it does not do a lot apart from being soft and comfortable to hold. When you are angry or stressed out, you can touch the ball and press it. The same thing is true with a pop-up socket. You can keep on opening and closing it until you feel relieved. It can be addictive, and it helps release stress.

Given these benefits, it is time for you to consider buying one. It does not cost a lot, and you can remove it any time you want. You can also purchase bulk popsockets with different designs. You can order online if you are yet to find designs in local stores that fit your preferences.

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